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#FieldTripFriday It's Everywhere!

Sometimes, a #FieldTripFriday can be a quickie. No big whup. A fun boost to the day. But the places it can lead me are often fabulous little post-field trip adventures, winding down paths overgrown with weird facts and gnarled with interesting inspirations.

Today I picked up on an old favorite geek of mine, searching out the sidewalk contractor stamps and more rare plaques as I took a walk around my Denver neighborhood with the hound. The concrete stamp usually has the name of the contractor and often the date the concrete was poured. Heck, the sidewalk in front of my 1890 house got poured in 1970, making me wonder what history lies just beneath our feet (and often beneath our notice).

denver sidewalk.jpg

Masonry of Denver put together a few Denver stamps. 

Forgotton Chicago has a splendid article about the difference between plaques and stamps and great photos from my home town. 

Sidewalk of Corvalis, OR nails it with a Google map showing GPS coordinates and pictures of sidewalk stamps.

But stamping into concrete is not just the purview of contractors. Imprinting into a semi-squishy surface seems ubiquitous by chance or determination. Head out to Morrison, Colorado and the easily accessed Dinosaur Ridge. An easy hike up the road (or pay for a ride up at the base camp Dinosaur Ridge Museum) and view the wonders of IGUANADON FOOTPRINTS!!! GAH! GEEK SQUEAL!  

The Romans may have invented concrete, taking it to an apex of material engineering and design with the Parthenon, but I wonder if a hand print is embedded somewhere in there...

Around town I sighted plenty bird feet, their hopping committed to the concrete for as long as that matrix lasts. Perhaps just as wonderful are the family hand prints such as the ones in my back yard made by the previous owners dated 2001.  

You can find photos from today's #FieldTripFriday on my Facebook page , and some on Instagram. I use the hashtag #FieldTripFriday on my Twitter posts, as well.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing what other folks find on thier fieldtrips, so please feel free to tag me or use #FieldTripFriday so I can geek out with your adventures!

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