Laser engraving allows us to take existing items or custom create a personalized item for you.
We work with event planners, advertising agencies, schools, prop shops, home brewers, mad scientists, sane scientists, and folks who simply want a custom piece of work. 

Need just one custom piece? We love it! Need about 114? Still in our range! Need 1000? We'll refer you to larger scale operations which can work with you on that scale
You can browse through our collections of custom work HERE.
CONTACT US to start a discussion about the project you have in mind!

You may have an idea for a product, sign, or gift but perhaps you don't have the time or inclination to design the specifics.

We'll work with you to develop your idea, produce a design, talk materials and whether we move onto the next step- fabrication!

CONTACT US to set up some conversation time.


Laser engraving and cutting allows us to work with small batch micro-production. We don't have to set up a custom die and machine press to churn out a 10,000 minimum order. We can start with just one, a baker's dozen, or just over 100.  
This micro-manufacturing also has the benefit of  very "nice and accurate" fabrication, ensuring a consistent quality across iterations.

You can view the many different materials suitable for laser engraving and cutting HERE or scroll down to the bottom of the page for a quick materials and capabilities overview (also available as a PDF on request). CONTACT US for more information.

Sometimes one has to play with materials and tools to know the potential for creating something new. We can get together in person or through the magic of Skype and YouTube  to bring you into the process of creating a prototype and experimenting with the laser. 

The laser we use is an Epilog Zing 40 watt laser, manufactured in Golden, Colorado. Epilog has an awesome, highly experienced tech team to help us test materials and answer questions throughout the prototyping process. 

CONTACT US  for more info. Need a non-disclosure agreement  (NDA) before beginning this process? Just let us know!